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Our Mission is to be the voice of the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to promote the industry for the benefit of government, investors, communities, employees, customers and the environment.


Exploration is needed to support Indonesia’s future energy needs

Oil and gas are non-renewable energy resources and cannot be readily replaced by natural means at a quick enough pace to keep up with consumption. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources have stated that  Indonesia's oil reserves of around 3,77 billion barrels will run out in about 9 years at today's production rate, while for the gas reserves of 77 trillion cubic feet (TCF), these reserves will be exhausted in around 21 years.


Oil and Gas Sector Still Holds an Important Role for Future Energy Supply

The Indonesian Government continues to accelerate the transition to renewable energy to secure domestic energy supply. Indonesia is set to pursue a renewable energy portion of 23% in the national energy mix in 2025. The declining oil and gas reserves in the last few years have pushed the Government to swiftly develop renewable energy resources.


Indonesia to push oil production to 1 million BOPD

After years of declining oil production, Indonesia once again aims to reach 1 million barrels of oil per day (BOPD) of production in 2030. A new giant oil and gas discovery is needed to realize this target.


Our Mission is to be the voice of the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to promote the industry for the benefit of government, investors, communities, employees, customers and the environment....

The Supervisory Board



Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (1998-1999)

The Board of Directors

The IPA organization is run by a Board which is responsible for setting priorities and implementing the Association's activities. The Board of Directors is composed of Company Representatives and consists of five Officers of the Association and in addition not more than eight other duly elected Company Representatives.Members of the Board are elected by the company members every year through a voting process to carry out the tasks of the Association for a period of one year. Board members can be re-elected for successive periods.


Louise McKenzie

Louise M. McKenzie

ExxonMobil Cepu Limited




Bij Agarwal

(Grissik) Ltd.



Ronald Gunawan

Medco Energi
Internasional Tbk, PT. 


Gary Selbie

Premier Oil

kevin moore 125x125

 Kevin S. Moore

Husky Anugerah Ltd.

Nader Zaki - BP

 Nader Zaki

BP Indonesia


Kevin Lyon

Chevron Indonesia


Nico Muhyiddin

INPEX Masela Ltd.


Mohd. Nazlee Rasol 

Petronas Carigali
Muriah Ltd.

Nanang Abdul Manaf

Nanang Abdul Manaf

PT. Pertamina EP

Diego Portoghese

Diego Portoghese

ENI Indonesia




Saka Energi
Indonesia Ltd.


Greg Holman 

Greg Holman

Talisman Energy Inc./



Marjolijn Wajong
Executive Director




The IPA Secretariat office support all relevant IPA activities, include developing and controlling association budgets and costs, developing effective communications between the IPA and government or third party organizations, supporting the IPA Board and Committees through organizing meetings and events, coordinating the annual IPA Convention and Exhibition, managing the IPA website, and liaising with and responding to the media.

Executive Director Marjolijn Wajong
Executive Assistant Wursitaningari
Financial Controller Takdir Johan
Communication Officer Posman Sianturi
Professional Division Support  Anna Sulistiyaningsih
Accounting Assistant  Agung Pratama
Accounting Assistant  Taufikurrahman
Administrative Staff Nevi Septianti
Administrative Staff Maydy Rahmadani
Office Boy Heri Budiono
Driver Sudadi


IPA Consitution

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What are the qualifications for IPA Membership?
Individuals and companies which are actively engaged in the oil and gas industry, including oil and gas producers, gasoline manufacturers, refiners, carriers, contractors, marketers of oil products, suppliers, service companies and others interested in the oil and gas industry may all become members of the association.
What are the benefits of IPA membership?
The Benefits of your membership are access to the latest news on the oil and gas industry in Indonesia, information (and reduced rates) for attendance at special events and courses, and access to industry technical papers that are published on the IPA website . You can click this link contact IPA Secretariat Staff for further details of membership benefits
How much are the annual dues for Company membership?
Member companies pay annual dues based on the company categorization. The annual fees for Producing companies is IDR 200,000,000 and the annual fees for Non-Producing Companies is IDR 65,000,000 .The Association is financed through these annual contributions from companies and individuals.
How much are the annual dues for Associate membership?
Companies providing services to the oil and gas industry may apply to become Associate Members of the Association with annual fees of IDR 13,500,000
Can an individual join the IPA as a member?
The Individual who is interested in the activities of the oil and gas industry may become a member of the IPA Professional Division and receive the benefits of keeping up to date with the latest developments in the oil and gas industry as well as information on industry events
How much does an individual IPA membership cost?
An individual membership cost is only IDR250,000 annually.